Problems created by new traffic system in Ashok Nagar

- As a representative of the senior citizens of Jafferkhnapet, I submit the following traffic related civic issues for immediate action by the state authorities.

Though more than five months lapsed after the introduction of new traffic regulations in Ashok Nagar, and Jafferkhanpet areas on the 100 feet road, the Commissioner of Police, Traffic, and Corporation authorities and the State Highways department, have not taken any steps to :

i) to provide proper pedestrian crossings

ii) to provide proper pedestrian platforms in between the Indian Overseas Bank and the brige on the river Adyar,

iii) remove the encroachments on the pedestrian platforms in front of the ICICI Bnk by the dwellers, and by the two wheeler shops in front of the Indian Overseas Bank, Jaferkhanpet, and two wheeler shops encroachments on both sides of the roads,

iv) to  avoid parking of vehicles in front of hotel Saravana Bhavan,

v) the State Highways department has not bothered to see if there is sufficient width between the road and the residences – for example, the scene in front of Indian Oversease Bank.

- S. R. Neelakantan, Jafferkhanpet

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3 Responses to “Problems created by new traffic system in Ashok Nagar”

  1. G.PARTHASARATHY on June 10th, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Its very difficult for police or govt machinary alone to tackle such traffic related problems..
    I suggest the following program
    1.Volunteers to be recruited ,trained and posted in all places creating traffic problems.
    2.Beneficiaries like shop owners,schools and other establishments shall bear the cost.
    3. I have seen similar solutions in US .Volunteers are recruited by schools .They guide the students and traffic.
    4.Curriculum should give 40 percent marks to all students involving in such social adjusting the timetable.
    5.Institutions shall be given guidelines to guide traffic flow and help people.
    eg.,Mutton shops block the roads on sundays…Liquor shops create bottle neck in late evenings , saturays and sundays.Small eateries ,banks etc block the roads always.
    I initiate discussion from the public.we can solve.


  2. S.r.Neelakantan on June 12th, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Dear sir,
    The reply of Mr. Parthasarathy is not relevant to the issues pointed out. The main issue is when the Police Officials introduced the new traffic regulations to the road moving vehicles, the Police also should have taken action to provide proper pedestrians crossings , ensuring that the vehicles are stopped and help the pedestrian safely to cross the roads. The Police also should have ensured that the Pedestrian platforms where provided are free from encroachments and where there are no platforms Police officials should have co-ordinated with the department concerned and necessary proper pedestrian platforms should have been
    provided. Enrolling voluntary force, training them and ensuring proper coaching are necessary where the Police Officials and other departmental official bothered about the pedestrians and their safety.I have highlighted the practical difficulties and suffering of the pedestrians at Ashok Pillar and Jafferkhanpet traffic signals.

    S.R.Neelakantan. Plot 147, Bharahy st., Vasudean Nagar, Chennai-600083

  3. S Raghavan on May 18th, 2009 at 12:34 am

    I agree with Mr G Parthasarathy. Rules and norms on traffic regulations have to be laid down by police and public who are interested can support police in regulating it. This is a voluntary service.

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