Strange murders unsettle neighbourhood

By Our Staff Reporter


The entire country, at least most people who have links with Chennai, are tuned into the strange events that have come to pass in the Vadapalani-K. K. Nagar neighbourhood.

A series of eight mysterious deaths which seem to have a uniform pattern has disturbed residents of the neighbourhood and rattled the local police force. 

Men who slept on the pavement and watchmen have died in strange ways. And the police is still clueless. Some cases were solved when a mentally unstable man was picked up and accused of the murders. But what about the rest?

Today, policemen and women in uniform and in plainsclothes are doing the beats of the area. Even at odd hours. Even the City Police Commissioner does surprise checks after midnight.

The city police got rattled after the murder of Basha a watchman who took charge in an apartment block on Ashok Nagar’s 18th Avenue. He was the fourth security guard to die in mysterious circumstances.

 55-year-old Basha, who slept on the verandah of a bungalow house was found brutally killed in the early hours of July 17.

Local youths have also been doing the rounds – ostensibly in search of the mystery killer. Some chases have led to ugly incidents – a mentally unstable man was rounded up. These developments have given rise to wild stories and claims. A watchman who claimed a ‘dark figure’ has stalked him was picked up by the police after they found he was making up this story.

Many families in Vadapalani and K K Nagar live in some unexplained fear. Watchmen work in tandem; some have given up their jobs. The homeless though continue to sleep on the pavements. In some instances, police advised them to seek shelter elsewhere. They certainly don’t want another smashed skull on the pavement of Anna Main Road.

 When the news of the death of the watchman at the block on 18th Avenue of Ashok Nagar spread,  panic struck the local residents. “None of the security guards turned up for duty,”, said Shiva, who guards Kanakavalli Flats. Says Viji, who lives nearby, “To be safe we are not stepping out of the house when it is dark and many residents feel so.”

 Auto driver Ravi and iron-wallah, Raj on 18th Avenue say they are sure that the ‘acts’ are being done by a smart group with a specific plan.

 The foxed police say it’s a challenge and this issue surely bothering them.  

Security guards are turning up for duty after a lot of hesitation. “Our families do not want us to do this work,” said Chinappa at a Land Marvel apartment.

 Some watchmen are disgusted with all this. “Police are asking us to keep awake at night but it is difficult since we work at night and during the day to earn a decent sum,” says Kumaravel of Manasvee Flats.

Anyway, a bright spark in the film fraternity has seen a saleable story for a film in the Vadapalani murders. One neighbourhood’s horror is grist for a film maker’s project.


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