Rains mess up lives of people on R. K. Shanmugham Salai

Report and photo contributed by K. Selvaraj 


On August 19,  the day of the first showers this year as usual Rajamannar Salai, R. K. Shanmugam Salai and 14th Street in 4th Sector, K. K. Nagar were flooded.

1 1/2 feet of water filled the roads and residents on these streets had to warch the floodwater entering their houses. 

In the early hours of August 20 the level of water flowing on R. K. Shanmugam Road was about 3/4th the height of the centre median. The water receeded at about 9.30 a.m. nearly after 6 hours later. 

This problem has been going on from 1996 and there is no concrete response to complaints . Last year, the Mayor had visited the area and assured of action to  desilt MGR Canal under the Rajiv Gandhi Urban Renewable  Scheme and also seek permission  from Metrowater pumping station, Nesapakkam to allow a SWD to pass through the premises directly to the Adyar river. He also said he would try to see that the pond on Rajamannar Salai remained since it is a source of rainwater discharge for water flowing from Rajamannar Salai. 

The pond is being filled with soil and work is progressing for building underground sumps and additional overhead tanks. This will only lead to further flooding of these parts of K K Nagar.

The solution would be:

1. To connect Rajamannar Salai SWD through the pond  to the alreading exisiting chamber drain  at the Model House Area on Ramasamy Salai.

2. Provide a large SWD on R. K. Shanmugam Salai on the western side.

3. Provide a large SWD through the Nesapakkam Pumping Station to the Adyar river

4. Remove encroachments on the the banks of MGR Canal from the starting point right upto the Adyar river. 

Most of the residents on R.K. Shanmugam Salai have been making distress sale of the houses and moving out of this area.


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