Why Saligramam had power problems

Summer is with us but will there be power cuts in this area?

TNEB officers say ‘no’. But some areas are reporting power disruptions and nobdy knows if these are breaks or cuts.

TNEB has notified limited use of power for commercial establishments. 
Places like Green Park Hotel in the neighbourhood, prefer to use their generators over and above the supply, rather than to pay exhorbitant amount for the excess usage. TCS, said to be a high end consumer in the Vadapalani area, has vacated the huge building on 100 Ft Road.
That saves power generated by 4 transformers (roughly 2000 kva),  EB officers said.
Many IT companies have cut down on their consumption as part of austerity measures and because of the higher rates announced by EB for high end commercial units. 
So a lot of power is saved this summer in this area. 
Inspite of all this, Saligramam area has been facing frequent power disruptions.
It is because of the climatic change as summer breaks, say EB engineers. Due to rapid increase in heat, cable insulations burst creating faults.
On Feb 11, there was a short circuit in a transformer near Virugambakkam Police Station. It had to be switched off for repair work. On Feb 10, Porur Sub Station, from where half the power requirement of Virugambakkam area are met, tripped off causing disruption.
On Feb 9, some cables broke down locally, and there was a switch off. When there is a slight drizzle on the exposed cables, there is a cable burst, explains EB.
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