Govt. officers, activists and residents take a good look at Virugambakkam Canal


By Our Staff Reporter
On a steamy, hot Sunday, members of the Exnora Innovators’ Club of Virugambakkam and Saligramam made the effort to hold  a ‘canal walk through’ on the banks of the Virugambakkam Canal. This was done in connection with the canal restoration project to be taken up shortly.
The Exnora members, motivated by the leadership of Paramanathan, Ananth and other representatives had taken pains to get together the officers of the Corporation, CMWSSB and PWD, who will execute the project with the state Government’s support. 
According to Paramanathan, the major factors hampering the project are -
1. all the sewage network from Nerkundram Panchayat empty into the canal. Nothing concrete has been done to stop this. The panchayat is said to have thrown up its hands on this issue, saying it sees no other alternative.
2. The course of the discharge of excess water from Porur, Alapakkam and Maduravoyal lake which now leads through the Virugambakkam area, must be re routed properly.
The group feels that in its natural course, the project may take a few months to actually kick off – by which time the monsoon may play havoc once again. 
The group says that unless the practice of garbage dumping and letting sewage by the houses and other units bordering the canal is effectively stopped, the project will be meaningless. 

The members appealed to the Zonal Officer, Zone 5, and CMWSSB engineers to take stringent measures to stop the pollution of the canal.
They had also noted down spots where enormous amounts of sewage is let into the canal through storm water conduits and heaps of garbage dumped into it by people living close to the banks. 
Sevaral walks have been planned in other stretches spanning the entire length of the canal involving the residents. These walks, the activists hope will get more people involved. The walks will also help to identify the points where the canal is being misused.
This is the first time top level officials including Shivashankaran, Special Secretary, PWD, Anjaneyulu, Asst Area Engineer, Division 5, CMWSSB, Krishnamoorthy, Zonal Officer, Zone 5, Palaniappan, AEE, PWD, other staff of all these departemnts, including sanitary officers participated in the canal walk, said Ananth.
Shivashankaran, Speciay Secretary, PWD, was empathetic towards the whole issue and offered full support. He offered to get the desilting work quickly done before the monsoon.
Meanwhile, the activists want local people to join hands. 
Contact V Sriram, Coordinator at 24793833
A. Paramanathan: 9840339975
K. S. Ananthanarayanan: 9840893585


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4 Responses to “Govt. officers, activists and residents take a good look at Virugambakkam Canal”

  1. V.SRIRAM on June 2nd, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    A good coverage about the walk through and deliberations has been published at your end with photographers ,which I hope that regular browsers are reading

  2. KRA on June 3rd, 2009 at 9:30 am

    Thanks to Mr. Paramanathan and all involved, Its a good measure and highly appreciated. Not only the residents please involve the school children (with the required safety measures) in the surrounding area to educate them how keep our environment neat ‘n clean and pollution free atmosphere developed and maintained.
    By this they will educare their parents and stop them while discord the waste.
    I could see no ladies in this task(photoes) involve them too.
    Once again thanks to all.

  3. V.SRIRAM on June 4th, 2009 at 4:28 am

    Before the election we planned to conduct a rally with the school children.Althogh the neighbouring schools came forward and we were about to conduct ,but the same has to be cancelled due to election as mny of the top police as well traffic police personnels were transfered in view of election.Now we under the process of conducting awareness programme alongwith the involvement parents,children,govt officials and police personnels. Since we have to approach police officials of both koyembedu and virugambakkam and due to narrow road of kaliamman koil street etc we are finding it to difficult conduct the programme considering the safety.
    We have plan to conduct indoor as well outdoor programmes once the school children at the earliest possible time. We welcome the participation of more ladies and their involvement in our activities and they who are willing to join with us can keep in touch with us.Our contact nos are given in this issue or they can email to the
    following address:-

  4. Ananth on June 4th, 2009 at 7:58 am

    Excellent coverage and thanks for your support in this important mission we have undertaken. We will be involving School Children in the Canal Warrior program in the next few weeks.



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