Thinking of the less fortunate this Deepavali . . .

sitalakshmiOn the eve of Diwali Seethalakshmi, a social worker in K K Nagar gets very busy. This is the time share the Diwali spirit with the less fortunate.

She answers a stream of phone calls, co-ordinating with donors, collecting new clothes for the inmates in ‘homes’ – for destitutes, senior people, orphaned children, mentally ill . . She has been helping these ‘homes’ for years now.

“To get into a new dress on Diwali day is something everyone enjoys. This will put a smile on their faces!”, she says.

Weeks before Diwali, she starts contacting probable donors. Says Seethalakshmi, “Even families with modest income and people doing simple jobs like to donate for this cause.”

At her home, she displays the dozens of bright and colourful clothes that have been collected. She knows what her donors can share and give and what the recipients would love to be gifted.

People of the Arcot Road area who wish to contribute in kind can contact her – even used but decent clothes can be donated.

Seethalakshmi Mahadevan can be reached at 2366 1076.

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  1. sethu on October 16th, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    you can give more information by what level she is coordinating with all the inmates and who are all the beneficiries as of now

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