Police stations in K K Nagar, Virugambakkam and elsewhere host local school students

cop 1Reported by V. Soundararani

Neighbourhood police stations had some special guests on Thursday morning. They were students from local schools. They had been invited to get a feel of the station and learn about the system.

This was also a Chennai City Police initiative to mark World Day for Prevention of Child cop 2Abuse and to develop a friendly image.

Events took place in the stations in Ashok Nagar, K K Nagar, Virugambakkam and Valasarawakkam. Police personnel welcomed the school students, mostly from the middle school classes with flowers, sweets and gifts.

Colourful  kolams at the doorsteps of cop 3the station, a friendly grin and warm words of the police greeted the children. News channel crews swarmed the police stations to capture the reaction of the kids.

Officers at the level of Joint Commissioners attended the tete-a-tete with the students and some took them around the station and showed them cop 4the various departments.

PSBB School students fired countless questions at them – rallies and banners on the roads put us to a lot of hardships while travelling so what steps do you take to make us use the roads comfortably? Roads are full of pot holes so how do you ensure our safety in the middle of rash driving in such bad roads?

cop 5Police made an effort to respond.

The Joint Commissioner ( South ) Sakthivel went to lengths at Virugambakkam Police Station to explain how the police teams function in cracking crimes, on the ranks for police personnel and on the structure of the Chennai city police network.

What is your much talked about adventure in the recent past, AVM Matric School students asked Manoharan, Asst. Commissioner, Vadapalani.

He said the case of the psycho serial killer put his force through sleepless nights and tense situations.

A few kids asked how they too could become top police officers, how officers managed time and how they were alert all 24 hours.

The students were introduced to nooks and corners of the police station. They stared at the guns and took a nice look at the wireless equipments. Some were thrilled  to use the wireless hand sets. Some took the guns in their hands.

It was a mixed surprise for the Chennai Corporation school kids at K K Nagar police station which is opposite Sivan Park. Some said they didnt know that they were visiting a police station till they reached the spot.

It was a rare opportunity and we are thrilled, one student said as the visit came to a close. Many of his colleagues would have shared that feeling.

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