Budding Cricketer at PSBB

You would not take him to be a budding cricket if you went by his physique.
He looks a bit dumpy and keeps a low profile.
But once he is in his flannels and on the cricket ground and has a ball in his hand, V. Sai Prakash is at his best.
This youngster, a student of PSBB school in K K Nagar has impressed selectors with his leg spin bowling.
So much so that he has been invited to a coaching camp at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore.
Sai Prakash is one among thirteen players across the country in his age group ( under 13 years) to have got this call.
He played for the TN state team and though it stood third he reaped a good harvest of wickets.
He is not tall so how does he trick the batsmen.
“He flights and spins the ball well,” say his team mates at PSBB.
Ask him how he came into cricket and Sai Prakash says he does not know!
Maybe he kept spinning balls and they were unplayable!
Dad Vijaykumar once played for the TN Colts, we are told – his parents dote on him and hope he will go on to greater heights. They drop by at city grounds to watch him play.
Sai is coached at the St. Bedes Foundation in San Thome and his coach is the veteran C. K. Suresh Kumar.
His father’s number is 98400 77616.

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