Local group promises support for ‘goshala’

Cows are considered sacred and a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi by the Hindus.
The neighbourhood wing of Loka Dharma Seva Foundation (that works for the upkeep and revival of Hindu traditions and dharma), undertook a visit to the pasu madam nearby.
This pasu madam takes care of the old, sick and stray cows till their natural death, saving them from the slaughter house.
The local group held a ‘go pooja’ at this ‘pasu madam’ on April 11, and made donations for the maintenance of the cows and the madam.
Neighbourhood residents may perform ‘go poojas’ and make donations to this ‘pasu madam’ closeby, to mark the important dates and occasions in their life – wedding days, birth days and memory days of the family elders.
Go Shala houses of hundreds of cows and is situated on the way to Thiruverkadu. A dedicated group works round the clock managing them. Phone: 3299 9888.

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  1. Shridhar Raja on May 9th, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    This kind of Goshala is very popular in north.
    I visited one of the beggest Goshala in Jalagaon (maharashtra)where about 700 cows of all size and age are given shelter in very clean way.

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