Shop for organic food in Virugambakkam

If you are seeking organic foodstuff and vegetables in the Arcot Road area, head to a nook in Virugambakkam.

The place is called Greenica Organic Bazaar and it is run by a young lady who said goodbye to a job in the IT industry, mulled over the chances of growing a organic foods business in this area where she lived and launched early this year.

“I started with some hesitation but now feel confident, ” says Radha Masilamani whose outlet is located in a house on Ilango Nagar Main Road, the street off Parvathi Bhavan on Kaliamman Koil Street.
The shop stores the range of commodities that you need for everyday consumption – rice, tamarind, dhals, ragi and all. It also offers fresh vegetables but only on Tuesday. Some sourced from Ooty, some from Palladam.

“They get here by noon and sell fast,” says the entrepreneur.
People can order in advance when they need these in larger quantity. Some times, vegetables are available on Fridays too.

The shop also has a range of health foods, all organic and produced at different places including items from Auroville.
“We have stuff that you cannot get elsewhere which is good for your health,” says Radha who asks her clients to carry cloth bags and shun plastics.

She says word of mouth sharing of information about the products and the store has generated more customers. But she would like more to make it profitable to run long-term,

“People now do not have to go to Mylapore or Adyar where there are some eco-food stores to buy stuff, ” she says.
Now and then Radha executes small but simple campaigns like giving a sapling to customers.

Greenica is located at, New No:4, Ilango Nagar Main Road, Virugambakkam, chennai 92. The contact number is 94440 35770.
The store is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on days – it closes early on Sundays though.

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