Sri Rama Navami concerts in Virugambakkam from April 13

There is going to be a series of Carnatic music concerts in connection with Sri Rama Navami celebration at Sri Siva Vishnu Temple  at Natesa Nagar 2nd St., Virughambakkam.

April 13th Smt. Kanyakumari      Violin Solo

April 14th Sri. Harish                 Vocal

April 15th  Sri Vaikom Jayachandran  Vocal

April 16th Sivaram Arunachalam       Vocal

All are accompanied by reputed vidwans.

The kutcheri on 16th is sponsored by SANGEETHA RASIKA SANGAM, Ramalinga Nagar, Virughampakkam,. For more info  contact C.S.Rajan. President,  Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Ramalinga Nagar, Virughambakkam, Chennai 92.

23771576,  9884375817,

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