Alwarthirunagar: two elderly women found dead at home

All of Alwathirunagar was abuzz to the news of double deaths in a residence here that was discovered on Sunday.

Two elderly women were found dead inside a house they had rented in the Ramanuja colony in this bustling colony off Arcot Road in Valasarawakkam.

The deaths came to light when the son of one of the women could not get a call through from the USA  and asked his mother-in-law who lived in Saligramam to check out.

But the family was shocked to find both women dead. Police were alerted and they found that there were no injuries on the bodies, nothing was amiss in the residence and no jewellery was out of place.

Police later said they women may have died of ill-health. One was in her 80s and the other was her daughter who was in her late 60s. But people are still wondering how both could have died simultaneously.

The bodies had decomposed, more so because of the heat this summer but it seemed that the women had died atleast last weekend.


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