Celebrations by DMDK partypeople in Virugambakkam

The drama that spun out of the announcement of results in TN Elections 2011 spilled on to Virugambakkam and its neghbourhood on Friday. As the leads were made public and the DMDK party led by Vijaykanth made impressive gains celebrations broke out in Virugambakkam where the party started off and the actor-politician has lined and […]

TN Elections: Parthasarathi of DMDK wins Virugambakkam seat

P. Parthasarathi of the DMDK, a party led by film star Vijaykanth rode the pro-AIADMK alliance wave in Tamil Nadu to win the Assembly seat from Virugambakkam constituency. The results were out on May 13, Friday. He defeated the high profile man from the DMK, Dhanasekaran. The DMK man was  a councillor who represented K […]

Brisk, peacefull polling in neighbourhood

Reported by V. Soundararani Voting was brisk in the morning in the Arcot Road neighbourhood as the state went to the polls on April 13, Wednesday. Most people were enjoying a holiday but they chose to get to the local booths early to escape from the summer heat. The temperature has been around 35 degrees […]

Elections 2011: candidates on the road

The campaign bandwangons of candidates who are contesting in Elections 2011 for the TN State Assembly are rolling on the streets of the neighbourhood. There have been many changes in the limits of the local area constituencies. The areas were redrawn in the delimitation. The vast Villivakkam constituency has been chipped away and we now […]

Election 2011: In Virugambakkam, it is DMK vs. DMDK

Virugambakkam is a newly carved constituency for the State Assembly and the battle for this seat could well be between a political veteran and a new face. The lead candidates here are Dhanasekaran of the DMK and P. Parthasarathi of the DMDK, a party led by film star Vijakanth. Dhanasekaran, a councillor who represents K […]

Elections 2011: parties choose seats, candidates for your area

The wheels of Elections 2011 for the TN state Assembly are rolling. The AIADMK party released its list of candidates and the other parties are due to do so in a  day or two as Election Day – April 13 – is less than a month away. There are many changes in the limits of […]