Kudos to BSNL staff

- I had applied for a broadband connection on the 5th of April (Prov AN 82221823) and was told it would take around 10 working days to come through.

In the meanwhile I was in touch with the JTO in charge of this at the local telephone exchange at Gandhi Nagar (2362) and to my surprise she never displayed a shade of irritation in her voice and gave me a patient hearing always though I called her umpteen number of times to know the progress.

Finally on the 25th of April my connection came through and three technical staff from the local exchange came to my house and installed the broadband connection.

Those men told me there was a problem with my system and it was not getting connected. Saying this they left asking me to set right my system.

These men seemed quite incompetent too.

A little while later I was surprised to hear the doorbell ring and see the JTO herself, Karpagam at my door.

She set right everything in 10 minutes time and left.

Hats off to a BSNL employee who is so dedicated and sincere in her work. May there be many more Karpagams for BSNL.

- Geeta Rajeev, 6B/5, Shanthi Towers, 88, Arcot Road Vadapalani.

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