Corporation removes encroachments on Anna Main Road

By V. Soundararani

Anna Main Road, MGR Nagar / K K Nagar, is a different looking place today.

The 200 plus shops that were occupying the pavements on the stretch from ESIC Hospital, K K Nagar to Ajantha Bus Stop, (Ashok Colony) have been removed by the Corporation in a massive drive launched to remove encroachments. These unauthorised shops have been here for decades now.

A new Asst Commissioner has taken charge of Zone 9 recently, and this zone covers this stretch of MGR Nagar/ K K Nagar.  It is said he is coming down heavily on such encroachments.

The pavement shops, small vendors, parked mini vans and eateries, labourers’ families, a party office – all these occupied the space right above the storm water drains, and have also been reducing the road space causing lot of inconvenience to the commuting public and to residents living alongside this road. The road width was restored to its full some months back by cleaning and black topping the borders too.

This drive will result in the improvement of the road and there is a plan to desilt and clean the storm water drains to prevent stagnation, says the councillor and Chairman, Dhanasekaran.

The side walks will also be improved at a cost of Rs.34 lakhs by the Corporation to facilitate the public to walk freely, the office said.

We have also decided to keep constant vigil to maintain the current status, says the councillor.

Not long ago, a similar drive was held and the evicted people slowly started occupying their original spots and some of them ripped apart the fencing that was put up to carry out their business.


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