Congressmen celebrate in Valasarawakkam

A Cabinet berth in Delhi and jubiliation in Valasarawakkam. 

As news of the swearing in of G K Vasan, the Congress leader from Tamil Nadu, as Cabinet minister came in on Thursday, his supporters in the area had reason to celebrate.
The celebrations in Valasarawakkam were in order since the municipality chairman here is E C Sekar, a Congressman. 
Crackers were burst on on Arcot Road, Valasarawakkam and looking on were a huge group of Congress councillors, former councillors and partymen. Sweets were also distributed. 


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One Response to “Congressmen celebrate in Valasarawakkam”

  1. B.Krishnamurthy on June 1st, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Let them celebrate, but we citizens of Valasarawakkam will continue to suffer at the hands these ” NETHAS “

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