Entrepreneur E. Sarath Babu does the campaign rounds

Entrepreneur E. Sarath Babu, the BITS Pilani, IIM-A alumnus, an independent candidate for Chennai South constituency, started his campaign in the Arcot Road neighbouhood today (Friday).

He and his team moved in an open van, distributing hand bills highlighting his 3-point agenda. 


The announcement ‘Sarath Babu asks for your votes’, brought many people out of their houses to take a look at the candidate. The campaign vehicle sported a huge model of a Slate, Babu’s symbol. 


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One Response to “Entrepreneur E. Sarath Babu does the campaign rounds”

  1. karthik on May 17th, 2009 at 10:52 am

    he got around 17000 votes. he is not a serious politician wanting to make a difference. Just using his education as a marketing toll to forward his personal ambitions.

    during the course of the campaign i had a chance to meet him and he is not the dedicated ones… he is like satyam ramalinga raju maybe with good oratorial skills.

    good save india…

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