IPL mela in Valasarawakkam


The youths of Valasarawakkam have got a big bonus this IPL season – they can watching Chennai Super Kings in action on a giant screen in the open air.
The action takes place at Periyar Thidal ground in Fathima Nagar. Close to one thousand youngsters pour into this sprawling ground and spread themselves on the sand.
The thidal comes alive at night with the screams and cheers of the audience as the Chennai team players hit boundaries or get wickets.
Away from the summer heat, they seem to enjoy the time here in the company of friends. However, there are no girls in this gathering. Understandably.
It is said that a few local groups of college students took the initiative and got some corporate help to set up this screen. 
Vendors make brisk business by selling of ice creams and snacks. 

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