Rajamannar Salai / K K Nagar: its changing face


By V. Soundararani

The face of K. K. Nagar continues to change rapidly. This well planned Housing Board colony spread across 12 sectors is no more what it used to be say 10 years ago. 

The Housing Board facade is disappearing fast. 

Many streets look so different. This is the case with Rajamannar Salai too.

Says a resident here, “The apartments are 35 years old and most of them are crumbling so many owners have sold them or made a deal”. 

Each old block of TNHB flats built in 2.75 to 3.75 grounds, has vast vacant space around it and this belongs to the owners of that block. 

The owners of a particular block take a unanimous decision to rebuild the block when a developer approaches them with a deal. The enhanced FSI gives the leverage to build more number of flats per block. “This bonus attracts real estate companies as more number of flats can be built than the existing ones,” says another residents.

Reason why the residents of the HB blocks have opted for joint development.

Rajamannar Salai in K K Nagar looks different now. The old TNHB apartments have made way for new, colourful blocks. Most of them have been developed by private builders. Green Peace and JD are prominent names here. 

The photo here is of the latest building that is ready for occupation – it came up on the plot where TNHB flats once stood.

There are two new blocks in the place of two old blocks built now by the same builder – JD Constructions. The two have been confined to a single campus and has been named JD Shanthinikethan. 

24 flats – 12 in each in new block in place of original 6 – with lifts and other amenities have come up. 



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3 Responses to “Rajamannar Salai / K K Nagar: its changing face”

  1. admin on June 25th, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    – I read your article on the above subject. I am one of the proud owners of these HIG flats here. There are 30 HIG Blocks -D/119 to 148 on the entire stretch of Rajamannar Salai.

    All these buildings are more than 3 decades old and started developing lots of problems driving the owners to demolish and rebuild them.

    A couple of years ago, when the Real Estate market was at its peak, Prominent developers like Green Peace, J.D.Constructions, Harmony Homes etc. approached the owners, offering attractive terms to takeover and rebuild these dilapidated structures.

    Many have opted for this and are enjoying much spacious flats than they lived earlier ! Developers offered lumpsum cash payments, Rentals were provided for alternate accommodation till the construction were complete and flats are handed-over back to respective owners.

    In the case of old buildings yet to undergo this transformation, the problem is that the owners are out of Chennai, letting out their flats and the available owners face problem in entering into contract with the promoters.

    I am one such , living in Block D/133 ! All the six owners of this Block agreed to rebuild this Block, could not make themselves available at a time to discuss the matter, appoint a Power Of Attorney and proceed. I am the only owner living in this Block ever since I purchased it (D/133-c) in 1979 and none of the other five ever lived in their apartments!

    Now, perhaps due to global recession, the developers seem to restrain themselevs in venturing such projects on the same terms they offered couple of years ago !

    It appears, the Real Estate scenario is looking better, and sooner or a little later the entire Rajamannar Salai will be changed.

    - Written by T. V. Sundararajan, D/133-c, Rajamannar Salai, KK Nagar, Chennai-600 078.

  2. K. Selvaraj on July 11th, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    I have read your article on the changing face of Rajamannar Sali. You may include R.K. Shanmugam Salai & subsequently P.T. Rajan Salai. The actual reason for residents going to developers is severe flooding of these roads during monsoon for the last 10 years. It’s a distress sale and to the advantage of the Developers.

  3. SS on December 14th, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    I recently booked a flat in PT rajan salai for Rs. 1Cr. I was told PT Rajan Salai is never flooded, but Rajamannar, Shamugam salai etc, are submerged in water. I don’t know if that is the truth though. I was also told that there is no water problem in that area. We mainly booked due to the fact that there are plenty of good schools and many important areas in the city are accessible there. If it is distress sale, why would all the owners still pick up flats in the same complex ?(that too, ground floor owners want to stay in ground floor) – But this area will look great when all the housing board flats are gone.

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