Two crimes in neighbourhood

By Our Staff Reporter

A nasty crime and a break-in by thieves kept local policemen on their toes this past week.

A daring day light robbery was attempted by a youth on a  woman at a flat in Vadapalani – the bite mark the victim left on the hand of the accused helped the police to identify the criminal. 

Karthik, a software employee, attacked his friend, Amar’s mother at Doshi Apartments in Vadapalani. Chandrakala, the 63 years old woman victim, revealed that she bit his hand, while fighting him back. With a thorough list of the visitors known to the family, the police initiated the search. The accused Karthik had made a casual call to Amar, with whom he had broken up some time ago, after the incident. This made everyone suspicious and he was caught in his room, said the police. 
10 sovereigns of gold was recovered from him. The victim is in the hospital with injuries and dislocation. 
K K Nagar Police received a complaint from Krithika (who lives elsewhere), that her father’s house in K K Nagar’s 2nd Sector was burgled and 30 sovereigns of gold found missing.
The occupants of the house were out of station, and the neighbours apparently reported the burglary on May 27. 
The locker in which the gold jewellery was kept was found intact, though the house break did happen. This was confirmed when the owner of the house returned, said the police. 

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