Ration shop staff force us to buy things we don’t need

These complaints may seem minor but will become a major in the long run.Certain things should be stubbed at the sprouting stage. 

My complaint is about the ration shop situated at R K Shanmugam Salai (opp K M Hospital).  Every time we send our maid to get our ration ( we draw sugar only as we had opted for this requirement) the staff at the shop forces us to buy things that we do not require at all.

This time she forced my maid to collect a kilo of onions, that we do not require. It is our discretion buying our groceries and not of the government staff (as they proudly call themselves).

The state should put an end to these malpractices. Minor issues like this will snowball into major disobediences, which is detrimental to the country’s  progress.

- V. Krishnamoorthy

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