High power lamps installed in 2 places in Valasarawakkam

By V. Soundararani

A new high mast lamp has been  installed at the premises of Valasarawakkam Municipality building at a cost of Rs 5 lakhs.

The area here is bathed in bright light after 6 pm when the lights are switches on automatically with the help of a timer.

The assembly has 8X400 watts metal halide lamps. After 11 pm, when the traffic reduces on the streets, only four lights work till 5.30 am. All these are triggered by a timer.

Similarly, a high mast lamp has also been installed ¬†at Fathima Nagar’s Periyar Thidal in Valasarawakkam. This has an assembly of six lights and the cost is Rs 4 lakhs.

This switches off at 9.30 pm when the walkers inside the Thidal get back home. It switches on again with the help of timer at 5 a m when the walkers start their exercises.

One more high mast lamp will come up at Kalaignar Ul Vilayattu Thidal in Ramakrishna Nagar soon, where there are facilities to play tennis and other games.

Valasarawakkam Municipality can be reached at 2486 7054.

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