‘Free the Trees’ campaign in K K Nagar: a field report

Reported by V. Soundararani

On February 7, the members of Nizhal, a NGO, who live in and around K K Nagar, did a ‘free the trees’ campaign (FTC) – to relieve the trees of placards, display boards and nails from tree trunks.

The group comprised of bubbly school kids and it worked on the stretch of Alagiriswamy Salai near PSBB School from Ramaswamy Salai to Lakshmanaswamy Salai.

As this stretch is frequented by large number of people who access the school, the number of  advertisement boards on trees is ever on the rise. As many as 10 boards and 50 nails were found on a few trees close to the school gates.

The neighbouring residents supported the group by lending ladders and stools. The group was also equipped with long handled nail pullers and cutting pliers.

The members also called up some of the advertisers on phone and requested them to stop this practice that harms the trees and masks their beauty.

The shops and residents in the vicinity were also sensitised to taking care of the trees in front of their places.

The trees look more beautiful and elegant when they are free of these material, said Nizhal members. The huge nails that are used to nail placards are hard on them, and damage their health. The parts of the tree surface hidden by these boards were found to be infested with worms, termites, fungus and other micro pests.

This campaign is the second attempt on this stretch. After the first campaign held a few weeks ago, new boards have sprung up on these trees.

Nizhal needs more volunteeers for its activities – for tree walks, planting new saplings and to interact with the residents to sensitise them to the beauty of nature.

Residents who would love to have new tree saplings planted at their places and are also ready to take care of them can call Kasi, Nizhal area coordinator at 9381284722.

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