Retired police office of Ashok Nagar takes crime/police record to court

A retired police officer of the Ashok Nagar area has gone to court with a plea that a murder case that remains unsolved be handed over to the TN CBCID.

The case is of the murder of a rich, senior couple and their housestaff over a year ago in a Ashok Nagar bungalow.

The petitioner said that there have been a series of heinuous cases in this area and this has unsettled many residents and this reflected on the record of local police.

The state’s counsel has said that while the police had cracked all local cases only this one was tough and would need time and that its teams were still on the job and that it would hand it over to the CBCID if it felt it would not be able to crack it.

A station officer in the K K Nagar limits was transferred recently after the murder of a woman in Ashok Nagar. This case was solved after the arrest of a carpenter who stalked the woman and stabbed her when she refused to part with money that he intended to blow on the races.

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