Full fledged chemotherapy cum daycare ward but few takers

Vasantha Memorial Trust is a clinic and chemotherapy centre for treatment of cancer and is based in Ashok Nagar.

Dr. Ramanathan is its founder and head. His Trust set this up after operations in Coimbatore and Mumbai.

Arcot Road Times e-mailed the doctor to see information that could be of use to the residents of this area.

Here is the interview -

1. When did you open the treatment centre in Ashok Nagar and what facility do you offer?

Vasantha Memorial Cancer Centre was opened on 27th Aug 2009 . It is a clinic and chemotherapy centre. It has clinic rooms for consultation with doctors; a mini operation theatre for minor procedures and biposies, a full fledged chemotherapy cum day care ward of 4 beds capable of handling a maximum 40 chemo sessions per day.

We also have a diagnostic lab , a counselling room and a room devoted for rehabilitation purposes. In addition there is a conference space for volunteer training. We have facilities to give high end chemotherapy for all cancers and in the last 21 months many such have been given. All these facilities are offered free or given heavily subsidized. A blanket discount of 20 % is given for all drugs and the sponsored patients receive everything free .The maximum consulting fees that can be charged here is Rs.100/-. Bed charge is Rs.50 and chemotherapy administration charge is Rs. 100/-

2. Since then what kind of cancer issues have you come across and what do you infer from this trend?

We handle all sorts of cancers. But predominantly they are of blood, since that is my speciality. the other common types are breast, colon, ovary & stomach. Outside these we have received a large number of advanced cases or terminally ill. Whatever can be done for them at our centre has been done and the rest have been referred to hospices.

3. What has been your experience in Chennai?

We from the Vasantha Memorial Trust have grievance with Chennaites. We provide uncompromised treatment virtually free but many in Chennai do not want it. They either choose to receive an inferior line of treatment elsewhere or prefer to spend excess money for the same kind we offer. The very same patients who came here or were referred could have come when they were diagnosed initially, They come to us after exhausting their resources, having residual disease or relapsed disease. This is quite frustrating. And some chose to remain stranded at govt hospitals. What Thomas Paine has said is true : What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.

4. Any new services which have been introduced?

Recently we have added an Electrolyte Analyser to help us monitor patients on certain types of chemotherapy.

Vasantha Memorial Trust is located in Ashok Nagar.

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