Traffic system changes around Ashok Pillar area

A new traffic system has come into force since Saturday last (July 31) in and around Ashok Nagar.

Police said that this had to be introduced to address the issue of the building of the Metro Rail in this region. It was felf that since work is going on in the middle of the 100Ft Road it would hamper traffic movement.

So two major changes have been made. One – a one way system is in force around Ashok Pillar area and all district bound buses from Koyambedu use the Maduravoyal route to head south and skip the 100 Ft Road.

In many ways, the changes are the same that were introduced over a  year ago around the Udhayam theatre-Ashok Pillar areas.

Residents had carried out a long campaign against  it and won in the end since this system had not space for pedestrians, especially residents to cross / use the roads here.

Also, motorists drove at high speed since they were given a free way here and this led to some accidents.

The moffusil buses are now run via Maduravoyal and hence the stops in Ashok Nagar and Jafferkhanpet do not exist anymore.

Some activists have begun to protest the changes.

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