Virugambakkam colony’s woes of power fluctuations

Reported by M V Uma Shankar

The residents of Annaji Rao Nagar on Vembuliamman Kovil Street say that TNEB is not responding to some serious power supply problems they face.

They say all the households here suffer voltage fluctuation on most nights and this has been the situation for six months

The daytime power level is at 160 to 180 volts at night time it keeps changing between 110 to 130 volts every 5 minutes, say residents.

Accessories like fridges and ACs will not work and CFL lamps, tube lights and fans are fused oftem.

Annaji Rao Nagar on Vembuliamman Kovil Street is home to over 100 families and all of them are upset over this issue

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