Unique, simple fitness program at clinic in Alwarthirunagar

This is a different kind of MBA programme and it is meant for all – young, old and middle-aged.

And it is to be launched at Drona Clinic ( Gandhi Rd., Alwarthirunagar) this Sunday and will run through March.

Drona Institute for therapeutic solutions, Alwarthirunagar isĀ  a specialty centre for physiotherapy / rehab gym / children with special needs.

Its new M B A is all about Mind Body Alignment. This programme helps you learn to make the best use of elastic resistance bands (ERB), exercise balls and balance boards to improve your health and fitness. Drona’s exercise programme is open to all adults.

This health promotion program capsule consists of four sessions of one hour spread over four weeks, says Jaganmohan, partner at Drona.

The course fee is Rs 500 only. People will be guided through this package as and when they join.

For registration contact 94456 16665 or 93810 07496

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One Response to “Unique, simple fitness program at clinic in Alwarthirunagar”

  1. Sujatha on March 5th, 2011 at 9:13 pm


    I attended this mind body alignment program and I find it extremely helpful in keeping fit.

    The first group was started 2 weeks ago. Since then I have been practising daily and is making me agile…

    I have been on various programs to stay fit. Gym, aerobics, asanas…

    The band & ball program is a perfect one for people like me who are hard pressed for time. 20 minutes a day and you stay fit, the tummy tucks in, flabs evaporate… why did I not know about this earlier???

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