LOCAL POLL: Campaign ends, polling on Monday

It is the evening peak hour time on Wednesday and the roar of traffic on Arcot Road in Saligramam area is broken by the harsh crackle of sloganeering over speakers fitted to an autorickshaw.

The autodriver seems to be in a  hurry but the traffic cannot provide space for him and his colleagues who are racing around to spread the buzz about a candidate who is contesting in the Chennai Corporation election.

In minutes though that drone is lost in the roar.

Five minutes later, a similar act is staged, this time by cadres of another political party opposite Chandra Mall.

The candidates who are contesting in local Wards which covers the regions on either side of Arcot Road have done the rounds but not all colonies have been covered.

Campaigning for elections to the Chennai Corporation council, the local body came to a close on Saturday and this was a day for hectic rounds.

On Thursday evening, some party volunteers stuffed the mail boxes in apartment complexes with promo handbills.

Voters’ slips were also dropped into boxes or handed over on Friday. That most of them were not cared for speaks for the attitude to these polls.

Some candidates have been deputing their colleagues to cover inner colonies, some have bypassed the colonies and some have done a hurricane campaign.

Since the Greater Chennai map was drawn and Wards redrawn, some confusion as far as ward limits and coverage has made campaigning and strategy making frustrating.

Also, the Wards are now extensive and covering them has been a challenge even for hard-boiled candidates.

Polling is on Oct.17. Monday. People will be able to vote for a local councillor as well as for the city’s Mayor.

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