Swinging Navaratri in Valasai colony

In the far corner of a colony off Arcot Road, a colony called Choudhury Nagar, a small community has to have a simple but warm celebration of Navaratri.

The Gujarathi Social and Cultural Association, Choudhury Nagar celebrates Navaratri every year.

And it ensures that music and dance is part of the celebration.

This year, the community has been conducting the event at Ananda Vinayakar Temple campus at 57A, Choudhary Nagar, Valasarawakkam.

The celebrations started on September 28 and will go on till October 6.

Every evening, well after people are done with their work or business, and the domestic chores are over, families head to the temple site at about 10pm and stay on till midnight.

The Navratri celebration starts every day at 10pm with mangal aarathi and the rituals.

This is followed by the traditional Garba dance and the Dandiya Raas.

In between, prasadam is shared with all present. Says Jaya Vyas, a key organiser, “This is a close knit community but guests are always welcome.”

Members who are creative like Vyas himself sing popular folksy songs as the drummers keep the music rolling.

Dances go on till midnight and all the women, teenagers, damsels and seniors are dressed for the occasion.

Those interested to celebrate Navaratri with the Gujarathi folks can come to the temple in Valasarawakkam.  Speak to Jaya Vyas and Vignesh Vyas, the organising members of Gujarathi Social and Cultural Association at 9445453827 and 9444067245.


Report by Anuradha Rajagopal

Photos by Iyyappan S.


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