Workshop on how to detect breast cancer

The key to detect cancer early and enhance cure rate is by creating awareness about cancer.

The Vasantha Memorial Trust which operates from Ashok Nagar has understood this fact and has beaten the drums of awareness since 1993 and made millions learn the basic facts about cancer.

A single type of cancer that occurs largest in this country is breast cancer.

10% of all cancers seen in India is breast cancer and 1 out 58 Indian women can be affected by this malady .

Since the year in 1998, the Trust has observed October as the month of breast cancer awareness with the rest of the world.

This year to mark this week, it has organized workshops for lady volunteers and nursesĀ  from 9th to 16th October.

The two hour session from 10 am to 12 noon will have a lecture by Dr. Ramanathan Jayaraman, oncologist, a video film on self exam and training on breast models by Sundari Vishwanathan and. Sheela and it will end with lunch.

It will be held at Vasantha Memorial Cancer centre at No. 33, 35th St., opposite JFA showroom, Ashok Nagar , Chennai -83.

Each day the workshop can accommodate 25 persons. You must register on or before 3rd Oct and specify the date. To register please contact 24717871 or 77 or 97910-48379 or email to


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