Two ‘naattu marundhu kadais’ off Arcot Road

If you are the one who keeps the faith in Indian medicines and natural products, then there are two nooks in the Valasarawakkam area which should be on your ‘useful contacts’ list.

These are two ‘Naattu marundhu kadais’. Located off Arcot Road, opposite Mega Mart store.

One is Sri Hari Krishna naattu marundhu Kadai and the other, Sri Priya naattu marundhu Kadai.

You can shop for all pooja items especially items for Hindu rites and rituals like the sacred thread ceremonies.

The first shop sells herbal medicines and herbal concoctions (legiyams as they are called in Thamizh ), scented bath powders, nine types of grains (navadhaanyam as they are called in Thamizh), nava graha vastraas (to adorn deities in navagraha mantaps in templse), kum kum (the coloured pottu that’s dotted on the forehead).

The shop also stocks the holy panchaankam (book to chalk out auspicious time and date for functions), garlands for Lord Ayyappa devotees and lots more.

Periyavacchan at Sri Hari Krishna naattu marundhu Kadai guides people who are new to nature medicines. The shop is at No.1, Gandhi road, Azwarthirunagar, Chennai – 87.

Ph: 9962298872

Sri Priya naattu marundhu Kadai is the first you will notice on Gandhi Road as you enter Alwarthirunagar.

Murugesan at the shop says it is important to stay close to nature and take only natural medicines.

He says that his country and herbal medicines are best reccommended for all kinds of pains, aches, sinus, ulcers, knee and joint pain, piles, stomach ailments and stool problems.

He shares his knowledge with people who seek remedies.

Your contact is Murugesan.N. at Sri Priya Naattu Marundhu Kadai on Gandhi Raod, Alwarthirunagar.


<< Reported by Anuradha Rajagopal

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