Stunt man who ripped gold chains from women arrested

Police have arrested a stunt man who worked in films for snatching gold chains from many women in different parts of the city, including Valasarawakkam.

The man was arrested after he made one such attempt in Ramapuram. He used to move in his bike, wearing a jacket and helmet to hide his identity, swoop on women who were alone walking on a street and rip off their chains.

Police say he resorted to crime because his wages paid for stunts in films was not enough.

He had robbed a few residents of Valasarawakkam in the past. Though it is not clear if chains have been recovered from the man, it is always advisable for victims to check out from the local police when such arrests take place. In case of a person having been such a victim, he/she must have also filed a plaint at the station.

The Ramapuram based police station is in charge of the Valasarawakkam area.

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