Going green; how the Nandakumars of K K Nagar have done this

Nandakumar & ShobaThe Nandakumars are longtime residents of K.K.Nagar.

So they have known well the nature of the environment of this area and how changes has changed its face.

From a tree-rich, quiet locality, K K Nagar is now becoming a mixed zone of business and residences, with trees being chopped down and garden spaces making way for avenue lined shops and eateries.

The Nandakumars have a green patch around their house at 880,Dr.Ramaswamy Road.

And they have gone solar now.

“We are proud to have gone solar on the eve of the International Bio-diversity day (22nd May), ” said Capt. Nandakumar.

He says the solar maximiser is part of the equipment which is the unit which carries out intelligent PV solar management and charge control of batteries.

KAMBHA FOR FOOD WASTE-1The rooftop solar system has been installed by TORP Systems Pvt Ltd, Gummidipoondi, Tamil Nadu.

This is just an extension of the family’s ‘green’ initiatives.

One such is to recycle kitchen waste.

They using a ‘Kambha’, an earthen pot-like contraption for this purpose.

The waste that is dropped into its top section slowly generates into manure over time.

“We have kept this in the corner of the garden, ” says Capt. Nandakumar.

Since they also have plants and trees in the garden which contributes to dry leaves and twigs, these are recycled to form compost in a bin, also placed in the open space outside.

“This saves the civic workers a bother since we don’t dump dry leaves into the waste bins on our road,” he adds.

Plastic and paper in the house is segregated, collected and handed over to Chennai Corporation garbage service staff or waste collectors at regular intervals.

Says Nandakumar, ” Along with the solar power system we are proud to follow these environment-friendly initiatives in our house.”

He also says that his hope is that each and every member of the local community take a pledge to be part of this “green wave”.

And he is willing to guide families of Arcot Road if they are keen to adopt his methods.

Capt.S.Nandakumar, 880,Dr.Ramaswamy Road,

K.K.Nagar, Chennai-600078,India

Tel : 2366-2670 Mob: 0091-94440-42247

Email : nandshob@gmail.com



What is a kambha?

This is a three -tiered earthen contraption like a terracotta tall vase pot which can be kept on your balcony or outside your house or in the corner of your garden .

You drop off kitchen waste into the top tier; adding some dry leaves or waste paper hastens the decomposing process. Cover with newspaper sheets the top unit to avoid flies sitting in.

When top unit fills up, shuffle it to the middle set and use the middle unit to fill your kitchen waste. Meanwhile, waste in the middle unit would decompose into compost of some degree and this can be used to refill the waste.

When compost is filled in lowermost unit, transfer into a pot and leave it till it decomposes fully and sift the manure from the hard parts which can be dropped into the top units of the kambha to help the waste degenerate.

Daily Dump is a Bangalore based company which started small and now makes and sells these units.

Go to www.dailydump.org to know more.

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