Talk on ‘Nawabs of Arcot’; Madras Week event held

Nawab talkNamma Arcot Road volunteers Binta, Gargi, Rashmi, Lakshmi and Jeeva once again come together to celebrate Madras Day with a talk.

The talk was appropriately focused on the Nawabs of the Arcot after whom Arcot Road is named.

A group of around 30 people listened with rapt attention as S. Anwar highlighted the many social and cultural contributions by the Nawabs of Arcot to the city of Madras.

Anwar is a photographer, historian and docu-film maker. He is finishing work on the ‘Muslims of Tamil Nadu’ and plans to release a book and a docu-film soon.

The event was possible with support by Bala Subramaniam S for the screen and projector and Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan on 100 ft Road, Vadapalani for the space at the restaurant.

Says Gargi. “Without such community support we couldn’t have had such an event.”

Namma Arcot Road is a small group of neighbourhood residents who attempt to host talks, walks, meetings and exhibitions to pep up the cultural life of this area. But lack of sustained support and lukewarm response to calls for volunteering has not helped to raise its profile.

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