Exclusive shop for books for children. In K. K. Nagar

Book Affair is a name that many K K Nagarians might well be aware of. The nook opposite PSBB School which sells all that students require in the classroom and at home.

Recently, its promoter Pugalenthi opened a store on Ramaswamy Salai, K. K. Nagar.

This place has all kinds of books for children and not one textbook though.

“This place is for children who love reading or want to buy books for activity and fun,” says the promoter.

Pugalenthi says that parents of kids have bene aksing him for such books to be made available locally since they have to go to large stores to buy them.

So he made a big list of all the books he could source and is slowly expanding his stocks from the basic he started off with.

Here, from reference books to books on General Knowledge, fiction and colouring books, you get them all.  And if some thing is missing, you can leave a note to get that sourced.

“Parents like to buy books for their kids,” says the promoter.

Book Affair si open from 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday.

At 102, Ramaswamy Salai, K K Nagar. Contact: 95000 70831.

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