Foodcarts flourish alongside Sivan Park, K. K. Nagar

ART PAANI POORIThe area behind the Sivan Park, on its north side is slowly becoming a fast food joint with 5 to 6 food carts doing roaring business every evening and staying on till late night.

The joint must have got going since the park attracts a huge number of people in the evenings some of whom walk across to have a quick snack.

All the food carts serve bhelpuri, paani puri, samosas and such foodstuff and people crowd around them from 4 p.m. onwards. Some food hawkers have also put out some plastic chairs for clients.

These carts may have stationed themselves at the park gate but have kept away because there is a police station on the opposite side and they may not want to be chased away.

With the carts drawing people, more carts are now seen down the road and at street junctions in K K Nagar.

The hygiene condition of the push carts are questionable though.


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