Story of the missing dog of Saligramam

The family in Saligramam who had offered to pay a reward of Rs.5 lakhs to the person who could locate their lost dog have found the dog days after it was found missing.

The dog came back on its own and was seen waiting at the owner’s gate, to be let in. The return of the pet was a cause for celebration for Saravanan and Sangeetha.

The duo were distraught after the pet went missing; they posted SOS messages online and printed and got posted lots of posters in the locality, offering a reward that surprised lots of people who came across it.

Despite the wide publicity in Saligramam and Arcot Road, nobody seems to have noticed the dog.

But the online community began to chatter on the return of the pet dog. One person said the dog had saved the owners five lakh rupees and wondered what the duo would do in the changed circumstances.

Another pet lover advised people to¬† affix their name and phone number on the dog’s belt – to make it easy for finders to contact the pet’s owner.

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