Store for organic foodstuff, veggies in K K Nagar

Greens Galaxy adds to a small list of stores in the neighborhood which offer organic food and eco-products.

Located in K K Nagar near PSBB School it is an inviting space with neat shelves and neatly-arranged products, making it easy for shoppers to step in a nd make some quick buys.

From rice to millets, oil to groceries, spices to health food, this store has them all. There are also the well-known brands in the organic food market.

The rice, Ponni rice comes from fields promoted by the people behind this store.

You also get iddli and adai powder, from organic sources; just the sort you need to make a quick breakfast.

Groundnut oil, castor oil and olive oil….these are on sale too.

You need to order for vegetables of the organic kind because these are sourced according to orders placed and brought to the store on Fridays by about 2 p.m. ”We want to avoid waste and deliver them as fresh as we can, ” said a shop staff.

But if there are extras the veggies are sold to shoppers who come by on Friday evenings.

A variety of greens are available on Saturday mornings, 9 am onwards.

The store is open from 9 am to 9 pm at 78, Dr. Ramaswamy Salai, K. K. Nagar. Call 23660235.

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