Aadi celebrations in Natesan Nagar

ammanIn Hindu mythology the month of “Aashad” otherwise called Aadi is very wellknown for religious rituals conducted everyday and especially on Fridays – the Amman deity is adorned with new costumes and flowers.

The very special in the Aadi month is Pooram star on which day the goddess Andal was born some 5000 years ago and every year this day is celebrated in all temples.

In Natesan Nagar, Virugambakkam the festival was well celebrated at Sri Siva Vishnu Temple since the morning hour and in the evening the deities were adorned with new costumes and flowers and bangles.

A huge gathering had their worship and everyone was given prasadam; bangles were given to women.

- Report and photo by V. Narayanaswamy


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