Missing boy in Vadapalani mall restored to parents

This is a happy story of a child who went missing in a local mall and was finally restored to his parents on Monday. One year old Sriram who was taken to a mall in Vadapalani by his aunt obviously slipped out of her sight and was seen by a passerby on the pavement. He alerted the Vadapalani Police Station where SI Kamakshi began to probe the case.

She went around the mall, alerted the security men there and finally with help from colleagues put out the missing alert on social media. The news was also put out by TV and local dailies.

Sriram, son of a Bangalore based businessman had been left in the care of his mother’s sister who had taken him out shopping and the boy’s aunt made her own search and didn’t contact local police.

But the news alerted her. Meanwhile they boy was at peace and had to be taken to a ‘home’ nearby to rest for the night. His aunt who rushed to the police station was then taken to the ‘home’ as was the boy’s mother and the child was reunited on Monday after going through formalities.

The mall’s security will need to tighten itself up since it attracts lots of families, especially on weekends and besides looking closely at suspicious objects will also have to keep an eye on kids who run around by themselves.

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