New idea to prevent silt from drains when rainwater flows in; Valasarawakkam

The Valasarawakkam zone office of Chennai Corporation is rolling out an idea which its low profile but proactive officer who heads it prhe esented to his bosses and won an award for it innovation.

The plan is a simple change the zonal officer has made to the way in which rainwater harvesting wells are sunk along roadsides in low lying areas. The plan creates a chamber where the rainwater runs into the chamber and small forms of waste and rubbish are trapped here to let only the water run into the drains or well.

Ordinarily, the floodwater carries dirt, silt and waste into the storm water drains and quickly, the bed of the drains are silted high thus affecting the flow of this water or damming it in the drain serving little purpose really.

There is however a job to be done even in the new solution – a man has to clean the chamber now and then though the drain will be spared the silt.

The first such chamber was planned for roadsides on ArcotRoad alongside the Corporation’s office off the Alapakkam Road junction which is a low-lying area and where rainwater stagnates after a strong short spell of rain.

It will be implemented in stages in this newly-addedd zone.

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