Sivan park was venue for novel social campaign

What was all the buzz at Sivan Park in K K Nagar on recent evening where lots of books were stacked up and more were being handed over?

This was a ‘myShare’ event – a social impact loyalty program with a sole purpose of building a better nation through conscious consumerism, as its promoters put it.

Through the myShare program, public are enabled to support and nurture causes close to their hearts.      While any myShare member shops, eats or buys a product offline or online, a portion of the bill amount is donated towards a NGO which they like to support.

The amounts are given by the retailer and can be tracked through SMS alerts, email, call centre and myShare online portal till it is received and acknowledged by the NGO.

In addition, now myShare also takes registrations for donation of books, clothes, eWaste, etc. and the same will be collected by the myShare team from the residents home.

The event on August 17  was conducted by myShare to create awareness among public to donate their used books for the visually impaired students.

The Youth Red Cross students from MIT campus volunteer to read and teach the books to visually impaired students on an everyday basis.

They were short of books and hence this campaign was driven by myShare India.

This campaign received close to 6000 books with a mix of Engineering, Management, Higher Secondary School books and had over 1000 residents from all over the city participate in the drive.

45 students from MIT Campus volunteered in this drive from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. : with them were a couple of visually impaired students.

“We have made arrangements for the books to be distributed, read and scribed to the visually impaired students and help them in their higher studies and increase their employment opportunities,” said Hari Vedadri, founder of myShare India.

This event was jointly designed by myShare and Exnora International.  Publicizing to local residents were taken care of by G. Govindaraj,  president, K K Nagar Exnora and  councilor of ward 131, Star Gunasekaran The event was inaugurated by ‘Delhi’ Ganesan, renowned film personality. Writer and political satirist MGnani Sankaran marked the completion of the camp offering support by donating a collection of his own books towards the end of the day.

Every donor of books received a free myShare membership card as a gift that can be used in multiple retail outlets across the city thereby availing a myShare discount that will be donated to a NGO of their choice.

You may visit for more details.

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