Bharani Colony; water-logged in the rains

JpegThe steady pre-monsoon rains have been good news all around but they also bring with them civic problems to some parts of this neighborhood. Some areas get waterlogged as son as the rains are steady. And one such colony is Bharani Colony.

Located off Arcot Road in Saligramam, off the former Bharani Studios, this colony of a few small streets is a quiet one – small independent houses, lots of greenery and fairly clean. But when monsoon hits the city and is bountiful as it has been this past week, the colony streets get water logged.

Parthasarathy, a resident shares photos of the civic condition here – with water slowly entering houses after long heavy rains and seniors forced to walk in dirty stagnant water.

He says since the colony is off the main road civic officials do not seem to be aware of the condition. He hopes they will address the issue.

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