Senior citizen attacked in apartment

If you are a senior citizen who resides by yourself in an apartment think twice before opening the door to strangers. A nasty crime in K K Nagar this past week has shocked local residents. A senior woman who answered the door bell was pushed in by a young woman and the gold chain she […]

Virugambakkam boy’s murder still affects people in the colony

This was a case that shocked many people. Now, it is getting murky and the Virugambakkam family which is at the centre of it must be in turmoil. The state was shocked when police claimed last week that the dead body found in a luggage bag in  a bus in Nagapattinam was that of a […]

Public nab men who attempted to snatch gold chain

Alert people in Virugambakkam managed to pin down and nab young men who made an attempt to snatch a gold chain from a woman near a school on Sunday. One of the persons who claimed to have help nab the culprits called this newspaper and said that soon after the woman raised an alarm local […]

Burglaries in Virugambakkam

Two burglaries have been reported from houses in Virugambakkam this week. They took place in neighbouring houses. In one case, the family which had just come back from a summer holiday found that there had been a break in and burglars had made off with some properties. Virugambakkam police have registered cases. A week ago, […]

Chinmaya Nagar resident alleged to be kingpin in expired drugs sales racket

Chinmaya Nagar got into bad news last week when the skeletons from the cupboards and lockers of Meenakshi Sundaram, the man who is said to made his millions selling expired and low quality medicines tumbled out after police intensified their probes. The story goes that this man was smart at not only marketing regular drugs […]

Retired police office of Ashok Nagar takes crime/police record to court

A retired police officer of the Ashok Nagar area has gone to court with a plea that a murder case that remains unsolved be handed over to the TN CBCID. The case is of the murder of a rich, senior couple and their housestaff over a year ago in a Ashok Nagar bungalow. The petitioner […]

Police officers transferred for not acting on time

Two police officers at the Valasarawakkam police station were transferred by the Police Commissioner last week after it was fouund that they did not act on time to handle the attack on the house of an actor who resides in the area though the police had sufficient intelligence information on this. Both have been placed […]

Police working on leads in woman murder case in Ashok Nagar

Police are investigating a shocking murder in Ashok Nagar that came to light on Tuesday. The latest news is that they are questioning a gym instructor who was relieved of this job because it was this gym that the victim patronised and this man seems to have known the woman closely. The victim, Kala, was […]

Hit-and-run accident in K K Nagar

Reported by V. Soundararani The bad practise of parking vehicles up to the middle of the road on Munuswamy Salai, K K Nagar has resulted in yet another accident recently. In the evening of January 7, a two wheeler motorist was grievously injured when a heavy vehicle in a  hit-and-run case. This accident took place […]

Police arrest youth who killed mom

A 23 year old B Com student, S Balaji, who is said to have stabbed his visiting mother has now been arrested by local police. The boy fled from his residence in K K Nagar after committing matricide. This murder shocked local residents. The youth was staying alone in a house in the Ist Sector […]